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We keep developing digital education
for the youngest pupils

“Code the Future” was a project which will helped 18,000 pupils of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of primary schools in small towns learn basics of programming and develop digital skills in practice.

1,200 teachers

266 schools

18 000 children

450 educators

136 communes

This was an initiative of the Orange Foundation and the Coding Masters Association. The organisations managed it together within 9 regional projects, co-funded by the Digital Poland Operational Programme.

Classes were held at 266 public schools in rural and rural-urban communes of the following voivodeships: Lower Silesia, Kuyavia-Pomerania, Łódź region, Pomerania, Silesia, Warmia-Masuria and Western Pomerania. 

Outstanding people, training and equipment: the most important part of “Code the Future”


All this was possible with great commitment of the 1,200 wonderful teachers who took part in the training scheme concerning digital education in work with the youngest pupils. We prepared face-to-face workshops for them, as well as webinars and mentoring programmes. Thus, now they are prepared to hold interesting classes and develop in their pupils competencies for the future.

The training was also open for 450 committed employees of culture centres, libraries and teachers' education centres. We helped them become ambassadors of the digital education in their communities and their workplace, so that they can join forces to build a digital education friendly environment in their communities.

We wanted to make sure that they can use their new knowledge in practice, so we delivered modern education sets to schools. The sets included robots, mechatronic elements, tablets for teachers and pupils designed to teach programming, as well as unplugged coding mats.